Enjoy & Invest - Personal Finance & Lifestyle Community

"Enjoy & Invest - Personal Finance & Lifestyle Community" is the... Facebook group of the media brand "Enjoy & Invest" which was specifically created to INSPIRE its members in properly learning more about life insurance, business, investing and personal finance in general.

WE DON'T TEACH HERE, WE SIMPLY INSPIRE. It takes more effort for subject matter experts to teach things through a forum and yet very few truly learn due to a variety of uncontrollable reasons such as, but not limited to, arguments arising from different people - be it teachers, students, etc..

If we are able to inspire you to learn more, then you will certainly make time to attend the actual learning sessions we are going to organize whether online or offline, group or solo, paid or free

Enjoy & Invest - Personal Finance & Lifestyle Community doesn't aspire to become the biggest Filipino personal finance group in terms of number of members but we do aspire to become the group to have the most financially successful members as a result of being truly literate in the subject of personal finance through our intimate approach in teaching and coaching members. We are going to have different learning sessions about money management, insurance, pooled funds, stocks, forex, network marketing, franchising, real estate, etc.

On the lighter and fun side of the group, we are also going to have free raffle contests from time to time here in our group. The mechanics of all the raffle contests here in our group are very simple. We just just randomly choose one member here in our group per raffle contest and whoever added the member in our group wins. It's that simple. Prizes can range from as low as a one-day cellphone load to as high as a hotel accommodation or probably more. Details on how to claim the prize shall be sent to the winner via PM. Please be informed that the winner will pay nothing in claiming the prize (except of course applicable taxes). This is just one of the many fun activities that our group will do online and even offline.

As for marketers, managers, sales agents and entrepreneurs who wish to advertise here in our Facebook group or in any other medium related to Enjoy & Invest, please feel free to contact Coach Dave Aguila or Crystal Sagra to inquire via private message (PM) or 225-2264 from Monday to Friday (8AM-5PM).

Sa mga na-add po dito na ayaw naman matuto kung paano ang yumaman sa tamang paraan, in behalf of the entire community, I am very sorry.

I'm sure just like me, inisip lang ng mga nag-add sa inyo na baka gusto nyong matuto para pare-pareho kayong maging financially successful eventually. If the people who added you guys here in our community were wrong in thinking that you want or at least may be interested to learn how to become rich the proper way, please feel free to permanently leave the group po. No need to magnify the issue. We understand it if you do. Have a pleasant day!