Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front Supporter Group


Free supporters of EPRDF have organized this group. We have supported the party because of its performance and achievements. EPRDF has changed the poverty history of Ethiopia through its developmental & democratic policy. Therefore this group is set-up to mobilize all Ethiopian (Home and Diaspora) for supporting EPRDF.


Observing long lasting cooperation between Ethiopian and Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)


Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front Supporter Group

The Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front Supporter Group Is a mass based social network organized lucratively to support the Ethiopian Developmental Government in its day to day interaction of transforming our Nation to the middle income counties category.
Ethiopian, who live in home & members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, have become very understandable of the urgent need to support the Ethiopian people’s revolutionary democratic front (EPRDF) since we believe that the front protects the national interest of Ethiopia and is genuinely engaged in establishing a democratic political system in the nation. We are convinced that EPRDF is the best political party that demonstrates the readiness and capability to safeguard the national interest of Ethiopia, pioneered and pursuing the establishment of a democratic political system and engaged in solving the unbearable socio-economic problems of the nation and has been scoring two digit GDP growths for last consecutive nine years by declaring the slogan “The Renaissance of Ethiopia”. Consequently, we privately engaged professional individuals to form The Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front Supporter social network Group to mobilize all citizens to support the Front

The Group Administrators are constituted from more than five Nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia again to support our country.

-To ensure that EPRDF continues to play a major role in creating a new Ethiopia with a democratic political system based on equality respect for all citizens.

-To help ensure that EPRDF’s policies continues to play major role in creating economically vibrant Ethiopia where all citizens enjoy equitable access to acquire individual wealth, good health and education.

-To ensure that EPRDF policies protect national interest, preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.


We are interested

-To build long lasting cooperation between Ethiopian and EPRDF

-To counter act other so called Ethiopians who are engaged in daily activities against the interest and security of our people and in general our mother land Ethiopia.

No matter which part of the world you live, we need your support.

Long live our EPRDF!