Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT)

Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) community.... The best way to know you’re in the right place is to download this free e-book about EPT, and how to turn it into your unfair advantage:


I created this group because I’ve walked in your shoes. Like you, I’ve been told I was different or broken in some way. I’ve been told to slow down when all I wanted to do was make my vision a reality. I’ve worked harder than anyone else, only to be told it wasn’t enough. I’ve needed the protection and support of other entrepreneurs. And I’ve needed a place like this to find momentum and share it with the world. The only problem was that place didn’t exist … until now.

My success was not earned in isolation. In fact, as EPTs, we learn very little standing still … and we learn NOTHING alone. But there are shortcuts to success, and I want to share them with you.

I’m here to guide discussion, provide transformational content, help you move forward and answer any questions you have. But we all move forward faster together, so we want to see your posts too. You can post about:

-The questions you have
-The help you need
-Your entrepreneurial experiences
-Your unique insights as an entrepreneur

But most of all, feel free to be vulnerable and transparent, because this is a “zero-judgment zone.” We will all keep the group accountable to focusing on how to move each other forward, create momentum and make a greater contribution.

To maintain the integrity and support of this group, I ask that you follow the group rules:

1. No promotions of any kind (personal blog links, site links, product sales, etc.)
2. No JV/ webinar invitations, requests, announcements or posts
3. No event posts
4. No trash talk, haters or trolls
5. No peacocking
6. No video posts
7. No livestream posts
8. No motivational posts, viral videos or quotes without your unique context or insight for the EPT community

And to ensure this group doesn’t raise pressure and noise in your life, my team will moderate member posts and have them reviewed within a few hours of being submitted.

Welcome to your tribe. There is nothing wrong with you ... and as you’ll see, you are not alone.