Horse lovers community of Ukraine

Welcome to Ukrainian fans of horses!

Horses - it's always been beautiful, expensive and interest in them was an indicator of good taste and attitude to high society. We are the young active society of horse lovers and equestrian sport, we - for the preservation of traditions.

The purpose of the community creation: promotion of equestrian sport in Ukraine and attracting people's interest to horses.

We will help you:
* Choose your ideal horse riding club in your area for practicing equestrian sport;
* Buy a horse in Ukraine and abroad - we have both a catalog of horses for sale, as well as due to different farms for breeding, training and selling horses of different levels;
* Solve the issue of documentation and transportation of horses;
* Find the right ammunition or equipment;
* Find the answer to your question, because in our society, both amateurs and riders with years of experience;

Also, we often discuss the position of equestrian sport in our country, the ratio of the horses and the problems related to horses and their salvation.

Here you will find:
* News of the horse world
* Announcements of events in Ukraine
* Albums different Ukrainian stables and clubs;
* Equestrian stores;
* Horses for sale in Ukraine and Europe;
* For information about the services provided to our members;
* Various footage of the horses both artistic and educational;
* Active discussions in different subjects;
* As well as regular competitions with good prizes!)

On all of our resources (groups, pages, profiles, administration Vkontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki with a total coverage of about 9,000 people) may by agreement with the administration to advertise:
- Equestrian Club;
- Equestrian store;
- The sale of your horse;
- The factory or farm for selling horses;
- Your services (photography, tours, restaurants, associated with an equestrian theme.)

We work hard to ensure that we had the maximum number of riders Ukraine, for which the advertisement is relevant.

Always glad to cooperate!