Earthquake and Tunami JAPAN at Griffith University, Australia

Dear All

As you noticed, there was massive earthquake and tsunami at Japan on 11th of March.
Many people have lost their family, firends, home etc....

We will be having a 'Donation box' at Nethan Campus at Griffith University but we are still getting a permission from University.
All contributions are going to "Red Cross" which is a volunteer organasation.

We urge everyone, including ourselvs to donate.
Every little bit counts and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at Griffith University. Please add your friends to this community for growing our minds!!

In our University, we have not got such a donation community, so I would like to intergarte everyone's strong mind in order to support people in Japan.
For sure, every single donation will be very valuable!! and please invite your friends to this community!!!!!!


Kind Regards