Eritrean Literature

... wait... Are you sure this is the page you were looking for? No, the page does not provide tips on elements of poetry or a short story; nor does it entertain suspense romantic stories. Well, it is just to destabilize and shake the status quo and deconstruct the cliches. But it also embraces new thinking, shares articles and any worth reading pieces, and if possible tries to create little space for people who share common understanding in literature. Original works are of course welcome, but one condition? No mediocrity.

… እ…ዋ…እ ዘይኰነ! እዚ ገጽ ደኣ እቶም ብተደጋጋሚ ኣካይዳን ፈጠራ ኣልቦ ሸንኮለላዊ ጕዕዞ ኤርትራዊ ስነ-ጽሑፍ ኪሕ ዝበሎም ሕርቃኖም ዘምልስሉ እምበር ዝምህር ኣይኰነን። … እወ ኣይኰነን… ንማሕለኻታት ህይወት ዝትትዕ: ብልቢ ምንጥልጣል ዝተሓላለኸ… ኣብ ሓቂ ዝተመርኰሰ ዛንታታት ዘእንግድ ኣይኰነን። እንትፎ ሕመቕን ዝማህመነ ስራሕን ምፍንፋን ዝዀነ መምዘኒ ቅጥዕስ የብሉን። ኵሉ ተሳታፊ ከኣ እንተስ መበቈላዊ ስራሑ ወይ ድማ ካልእ ክካፈል ኣለዎ ዝብሎ ከካፍል ብኽብሪ ይዕደም። ንዘሕረቖ “ስነ-ጥበባዊ” ስራሕ ኣላቕሱኒ ኢሉ’ውን ኣብዚ ንመርኣዪ ክሰጥሖ ይኽእል እዩ።