Azerbaijan Society at the University of Essex

The Azerbaijani Society of the University of Essex unites all Azerbaijani Students of the University of Essex studying on different majors. There are currently more than 25 Azerbaijani students studying at the University varying from bachelors up to master degrees and PHD.

Current students and Azerbaijani Alumni of the Essex University are in a close communication which makes it vital to unite every student under one umbrella in an organizational structure.

The society aims using the knowledge and talents of the Azerbaijani students at the University of Essex to represent "Azerbaijan" at the university, identify the needs of members including programming, conferences, hot topics of interest, fundraising, various practical avctivities and networking.

The society will organize serious of public lectures, policy discussions, art exhibitions, movie nights, charity and social networking events and community projects.

The number of University of Essex Alumni in Azerbaijan has exceeded the number of 40 members already. As a result of high theoretical and practical skills, Azerbaijani Essex alumni work for the Azerbaijani government, NGOs, private sector in cooperation with international organizations. Thanks to the Essex University for the provided modern educational facilities and opportunities which support foundation and functioning the Azerbaijan Society here.