Ethiopian Atheists ነፃ ህዝቦች

"Ethiopia; one of Africa’s oldest independent nation is considered to be the cradle of Homo sapiens! Stephanus of Byzantium wrote, “Ethiopia was the first established country on earth and the Ethiopians were the first to set up the worship of the gods and to establish laws”. It has been also argued by the local scholars that the type of Abrahamic monotheism had been present way before Abraham himself. It is no wonder the person who “blessed” Abraham, the supposed father of the current known monotheisms, has the "weirdest" name in the whole of Genesis book (Genesis 14:18). He was Melchizedek, king of Salem; a purely Ge’ez name which was a result of two Ge’ez names combined in the grammatical rule of the language, “Melck” and “Tsedek” resulting Melckiz(ts)dek. The true historical account of the book of Genesis might be fallible; however, whoever wrote that mythical book knew there was monotheism before Abraham himself.

Ethiopia is also a mother of freethinkers like Zerayacob; folks way ahead of their own time, yet oppressed by the ones who clung on what had become religion after manipulated by the elites and still stands on the way of enlightenment of the human race. Perhaps the ancestors who sought out for answers and came up with the idea of god(s) would not indulge themselves in the infantile attitude of religions if they had the luxury to know what scientific advances have revealed, if they knew the Universe could be explained without gods?

We now have reached to yet another era, where freethinkers no more are willing to comply to the oppressive aspects of religions and are passionately willing to promote a culture of free thinking in Ethiopia. We hold, values against the freedom of humanity should be fought against. Ethiopia deserves to be a fancy and a safe place for all humans, with whatever belief systems or lack thereof they may have as long as one does not directly and intentionally hurt others!"

Welcome to the page of folks who lack belief in gods! :)