Exeter University Pokémon Society

Whether you’re a legendary player or just a starter, we accommodate for all levels of skill and enthusiasm when getting involved in the society.

All generations of players are welcome; whether you started your adventure a Gameboy Colour or 3DS, feel free to share anything related to Pokémon, ask any and all questions, and please come along to the events we hold.

If you’ve got a suggestion for the society, please refer to the committee members list below and message them appropriately – we’re happy to help and set up any events you'd like us to hold.

We not only play Pokémon - we can also hold events for Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and all other Nintendo franchises that our members may be interested in

Below you’ll find our committee members for 2014/2015, with their role, name and e-mail if you'd like to get in contact.

President: Sherv Cheung (sc532)
Vice-President: Ollie Knight (ok243)

Treasurer: Gabriel Gan (gzmg201)
Social Secretary: Dave Hardy (dh348)
General Secretary: Andrew Browne (ajb267)
Games Secretary: Frazer Rite (fr249)

If you’re not an official member, you can join online here:


Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/exeterpokesoc

Watch our YouTube videos: youtube.com/exeterpokemon

E-mail us at: pokemon@groups.exeterguild.com