Exeter University Hide And Seek Soc

Welcome, one and all, to Exeter University's Hide & Seek Society, the friendliest society on campus!

We aim to be that break in your week where, rather than having to go hard going out or making a commitment, you can relax on campus with some friends, have a drink and play some fun games while you pretend that your course deadline isn't just a few short days away!

We meet fortnightly on a Thursday in the RAM to play Hide & Seek as well as many, many other games including, but not limited to, Sardines, Zombie-Tag, Ninja, Mafia, Grandmother's Footsteps, Stuck-In-The-Mud, etc. All suggestions for games are always welcome! :)

We also run a two-week long, campus-wide game of ASSASSINS in both the Christmas & Easter terms.
In Assassins, you'll receive a dossier containing everything you need to know about your target for the game.
Your aim is to find them and kill them. Then you collect their dossier and move on to whoever their target is.
You WILL be paranoid that someone you know is trying to kill you as well, but the sooner you come to terms with that, the more FUN you'll have!
Try and be as creative as possible as there are prizes for most kills, best kills and other acts of general awesomeness that we deem prize-worthy.
In previous years, we've had big cats mauling students in lectures, inflatable sharks being chucked around in the library and an epic lightsaber battle in the Forum… (see video below.)


Who we are? (Feel free to add us on Facebook!)
President - Chaz Molony
Vice President - Solene Long
Treasurer - Evan Jones
General Secretary - Theres Lesing
Welfare Secretary - Robert Pearce
Publicity Officer - Alexander Roberts
Games Master - Josh Creek

We'll have plenty of events and socials during the year so stay tuned!
And remember, WWWWD? (What Would Where's Wally Do?)