If you are an expat living in Mauritius.com, this group gives you the opportunity to share and connect with other island expats!

Remember this is a closed group and any members who do not comply, risk being removed from the group. Feel free to report any postings you feel are not respecting our terms of use.

The group may be used to source a service/product in Mauritius. It also serves to allow users to exchange ideas/tips, lost/found or get help/advice from other members of the of the group.

It is NOT for commercial advertising i.e. not for company use.

*What can be advertised:
Almost anything except for animals, weapons, copied cds/dvds, porn/adult material of any kind or anything unlawful frankly.
*How to advertise:
Be accurate and give details and price of items and how you would like to be contacted.
Be polite, fair and courteous to fellow members. Take disputes offline please.
*Policy on company postings:
For now, no commercial posting allowed please.