Expats in Cambodia


Please DO NOT post business advertising

Personal room to sublet, or items for sales (related to moving in or out of the country) are allowed, but please DO NOT post repetitive posts, as they will be DELETED.

Offensive posts will be deleted and the member will be banned permanently.

Repetitive posts will be deleted and the members who still posts after the repetitive posts are deleted several times will also be removed and banned permanently.

This group is for Expats who are currently living/working/studying/internship in Cambodia. This group also is for Cambodians who were born in abroad and/or who have been abroad to study for a period of time and would like to find friends who have had similar experiences.

Welcome everyone! Welcome to an easier way of meeting new friends in Cambodia who will have more things in common and who have had similar experience!

p.s. For those who are looking for room to rent/share an apartment/a roommate, etc. It might be helpful to scroll down and look at older posts, you might have just missed the posts while you joined.