Expats in Slovakia

PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING! Anyone living away from home in Slovakia. People only... company requests to join will not be accepted. Advertising will be deleted as the members of this page want good information and advice, not to be bombarded with SPAM. This is NOT a classified ads page. If you have a car or furniture or other personal items to sell, post it on aukcie.sk. Or, just leave a short note that you have a particular item for sale and people can message you directly. This group is meant to help newcomers and long-term residents in Slovakia to connect and offer helpful suggestions and resources. Please, no religious or political discussions. Comments that are educational and informative are welcome, but inflammatory comments will be removed. Feel free to introduce yourself and what you do and if you own a company why not share how you set it up and your advice on how to do business in Slovakia? What makes it different than anywhere else? What are the pros and cons? Initiate discussions or ask a question... don't just post a link to your business page or company website. Not only will ads and 'Link spam' be removed, users who continue to spam the page will be blocked