Expression Dance Society CARDIFF UNIVERSITY

Expression dance society is a fast paced, down to earth group in the way we act and the way we dance. The society consists of friendly contemporary dancers whom throughout the year improve their dance skill and technique, have opportunities to perform but above all love to dance. We vary our style according to occasion and therefore get chance to be quite free with choreography including some more commercial routines as well as contemporary. We are a close knit society giving opportunities for all dancers whether they just wish to experiment or are already advanced. Weekly classes are run, as well as prep classes for those who are less experienced and would benefit from further time with teachers. Discounted fitness and flexibility classes are also run for members and their friends. Membership includes free weekly/prep classes and discounted fitness classes, as well as many opportunities to perform and attend workshops.

Last year, Expression's main performances were the collaborative Dance Showcase, Aberystwyth Competition, Cardiff Fringe Festival and various performances at Itchy Feet throughout the year. This year, Expression is looking forward to running a weekend-long workshop here in Cardiff for its members and friends with an amazing contemporary choreographer, taking part in more competitions and many more performances! Outside of this, Expression has great socials throughout the year such as themed nights out introducing freshers to Y Plas and theatre trips to admire professional dancers (+ eat lots of sweets!)

Further details of classes will be posted on this page including time, date and location. Please contact us via facebook or twitter for further details or facebook message Beth Glover (president). Also look out for us at societies freshers fayre and feel free to come over and chat to us, we look forward to welcoming you into our small but dynamic society!

All new members from all dance backgrounds are welcome! :)