Extended Breastfeeding in Ireland

Are you "STILL" breastfeeding? :)
We can find ourselves breastfeeding beyond even our own expectations!! Our "baby" is always only a day older than they were yesterday and our comfort zone gradually extends to include today, since it included yesterday.

Please note there is also a group for those starting out or not planning on feeding for very long: https://www.facebook.com/groups/399023140139598/ but you're also welcome to join EBI and see how it goes.

Please find our policy document once you have become a member and like or comment to indicate agreement. This document emphasises the limitations of privacy settings. The group is "closed" (comments made do not show up on your wall and cannot be read by non-members) and we ask that members respect other's privacy. However, there is no way to ensure that comments/pictures etc would not be shared by others. It is a large group and hence should be seen as a relatively public environment and due caution should be taken in protecting your privacy and safety. https://www.facebook.com/groups/extendedbreastfeedinginireland/doc/401695866527055/

This is a parent-to-parent support group. There is a great variety of views on lots of things -but we all agree that breastfeeding for "quite a while" is a good idea. The "nursling age limit" for joining this group has intentionally been left completely open -you're welcome to join "a bit early" if you like!!! Daddies are particularly welcome, as are any professionals with an interest in the topic!