EYE-Photo Magazine Photo Group

Welcome to EYE-Photo Magazine Photo group, a place where enthusi...ast beginners and seasoned photographers can submit and share their work.

As per our policy, your submitted photos will be shortlisted first and if selected for 'EYE-Catching Moments', it will be published in the EYE-Photo Magazine's next issue.

Group rules:
1) Post YOUR OWN work only,
2) You may post up to 3 images per day,
3) Post directly from your hard drive; do not share into the group,
4) No watermarks or signatures allowed,
5) No links, albums or any advertisements are accepted, and
6) minimum photo resolution: 1024 x 768 pixel
7) Pornography or photographs that may offend or violate others are NOT accepted.

Selection process in a nutshell:
1) All submitted photos have to be approved first by our online editors,
2) When your photo is approved, it doesn't mean that it will be published in our magazine automatically. The selection process occurs in two steps, namely:
(a) Your photo will be shortlisted first,
(b) Afterwards, all shortlisted photos will be reviewed again. If eventually selected, it will be included in the 'Eye-Catching Moments' and only then, it will be published in our magazine
3) 'Eye-Catching Moments' photos will be pinned post in our group weekly, also on our website and social media outlets, such as, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube (monthly)

Not all shortlisted photos will be published in our magazine; only those selected for 'Eye-Catching Moments' will be published.

We are looking forward to your more submissions!

Stefan Cimer - Founder and Editor in Chief

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