Facebook Bazaar

FaceBook Bazaar India is about connecting buyers and sellers... ...shopping for trends. sharing fashion, lifestyle, home decor, what's trending & where to find it.

It removes the middleman, removes the market places, removes all commissions, removes all third parties. So all in all, benefits for everyone.

Join the group and start posting to stay connected with the Lifestyle and latest Trends in the Industry!

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Guidelines :-

For Designers/Artists/Sellers:-
1) One Interactive Post per designer is allowed everyday.
2) Maximum of 2 pictures or 1 collage is allowed per post.
3) Multiple posts in a day are not allowed.
4) No direct promotional content.
5) No contact details/prices in post description.
6) You can give contact/price details in the comments IF asked.
7) Catalogue pictures are not allowed.
8) Free posts are allowed only on Fridays. Rest of the days of the week, you need to pay for direct promotional posts. ( Further queries,kindly contact any team member)
Any post found to be flouting these guidelines will be deleted.

For users:-
1) You can post pictures of your outfits/looks of the day with the brand names and tags.
2) You can ask questions related to certain outfits/looks.
3) Any fashion/style related queries are most welcome.
4) Please don't harass designers with persistent queries regarding price, give them time to respond.
5)Discriminatory/derogatory/abusive/racist/sexist comments will not be tolerated and you WILL be deleted and blocked from the group for doing that.

This forum supports fashion and style Home Decor and furnishings/ gift packaging products related queries only.

FaceBook Bazaar reserves the right to delete/modify any post/comment which is not adhering to these guidelines.