Facebay kent and Medway

Facebay Kent and Medway rules (adult items only)

We do not really want to have to put too many rules on our site but the ones we have, we consider to be fair but we are always open to suggestions from members for anything they consider might make the group run smoother.

General rules:

Your are to remain polite at all times if someone is rude/abussive/offensive to you please report to admin. If you are seen to be acting in this way you will be removed from the group.

No facebook groups are to be posted without permission, this includes your private group that you use to sell your items.

If you see a dispute on the group please do not get involved please contact a member of the admin team.

There is no pm (private message) buying/selling, anyone found to be doing this will be removed from the group. This is mainly for fairness and so that admin can monitor sales on the wall for safety reasons.


Facebay (Mum & Baby) - Kent and Medway!

Facebay Kent and Medway any items for5-16 year olds

Safety and Security

Please only provide your full address once a sale is 100% confirmed.

It is recommended that you do not allow people that you do not know in to your house unless they are buying a large item or electrical items.

When purchasing high value or electrical items you must collect from the sellers house and we advise you gain a signed receipt from the seller.


All posts must have a descripiton, this must contain; condition of item, price, location and whether it is posted on another group (please do not name the other groups just put a/e for short or advertised elsewhere).

We recommend you post a photo of your item, internet or stock photos are not permitted and will be deleted.

You must allow buyers 12 hours to respond to your answer to any question before moving on to the next person in line.

All photo's must be removed after 14 days of posting they may then be added again if they are not sold.

Once a sale has been agreed please comment stating that the item is sold. Once collected please remove the post or comment asking admin to delete for you.

You must answer questions from buyers as soon as possible, this will help you gain a quicker sale.

We allow bumping of each item once in a 24 hour period (for items with comments on this applies after the last comment). These is a maximum to the amount you can bump in a 3 hour period of 10 items, this prevents the walls being filled up with just one persons posts. You will be warned once then if you persist in breaking this rule your post will be removed without warning.

if bumping albums please bup the album NOT each picture in it.

No counterfeit items are to be sold, if found, they will be removed.

All sales must be done via the wall, pm's are for exchange of details to arrange collection/delivery ONLY.


Please do not comment on any items unless you are interested in purchasing them.
Any high value or electrical items must be collected from the sellers house and checked to ensure they are in full working order. We are not responsible for your purchases.

You must collect the items within the agreed time.

Please comment on the item you want, do not pm the seller to buy an item, pm's are for exchange of details to arrange collection/delivery ONLY.

Business users

All business posts must be created in docs, this includes anything posted for profit. Please only bump your business doc once every 24 hours. Any posts found singly on the wall will be removed.