Face Painting Tips

A group to share face painting tips, designs, photos, videos & g...et advice on anything face painting related. Created for our fans and customers by FacePaintingTips.com and JestPaint.com

We love that everybody in here is sharing tips about face painting and face paint supplies.

This group is now managed by JestPaint/FacePaintingTips so all members not associated to another face and body art supply store are free to post anything they want, body art related. If you are associated with a face and body art store we ask you to please refrain from promoting it here (or promoting other sites related to that store), but you are more than welcome to post your designs, questions, etc just please don't use logos or post links to your store or the store you are associated with, or to other sites directly associated to those stores.
For the rest of you that are not associated to a face and body art store, you are welcome to post links to those stores when relevant to the post/comment. Random links to other stores or that are clearly promoting another store for no good apparent reason will be deleted. Thank you so much for respecting our work here and for collaborating in this great group!

We want a fair balance to keep everybody happy :) Thank you!