F.I.T ~ Facing Illness Together

Facing Illness Together.

You found us then? Great, because here... at F.I.T we believe that ~ 'Together We Are Stronger'. And by joining, you've just helped us get stronger :)

So, welcome and thank you for joining!

Facing Illness Together, also known as F.I.T, is a supportive community for anyone with a chronic illness, physical or mental, and no matter what it is you've got - a disability, mental illness, syndrome, or condition, and regardless of anything - gender, race or religion, you are welcome here with us!

F.I.T wants to support you, wherever you are in the world, and whatever your problems may be, but please note that we are now primarily offering our support services ie. - support groups & social meets to people in the Surrey area of the UK and this is due to funding limitations which we hope you understand.

This means that the support groups which are starting in July 2015, and the social meets which are already up and running (please see our events) and any other social events will be mostly based in Surrey, UK (although we are working on broadening the areas for this) and whilst any one willing to travel from other areas are more than welcome to attend these groups, we cannot currently have support groups running elsewhere until we have the funding necessary to enable more groups to be set up in other areas.

Providing our support primarily in Surrey, UK, does not prevent anyone, worldwide, using our on-line support, and we welcome everyone over the age of 18 with any form of chronic illness. So please still seek support from us anytime, regardless of where you are in the world <3

If you've just arrived here and are a bit stuck on what to do next, why not introduce yourself or take a look at the F.I.T website -


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You can also make a donation towards F.I.T via our website, which enables us to continue and improve the services we currently offer - eg, set up group support meetings in a number of various locations in the UK, set up a helpline.

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Admin Team

Laura Louise Eds Gould - Founder & admin
Anne Elizabeth - Admin
Lara SC King - Admin
Kianne R Cannon - Admin
Mary Elizabeth Musser - Admin

(Please contact a member of the admin team if you have any questions or concerns).

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Hope you find this group a supporting and comforting place to be!

Laura <3

Facing Illness Together -
'Together We Are Stronger'

"When 'I' is replaced with 'We', even 'Illness' becomes 'Wellness'"