FASHION GHANA is an African Fashion network and the one-stop destination for all Fashion designers,Urban Clothes Designers,Make-up
Artists & Beauticians, Hairstylists, Model Agencies, Models(High Fashion,Commercials,etc),Fashion Photographers,Jewelers & Bead makers,Textile Manufacturers,Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines, Event Organizers and all who contribute to the fashion in and outside Africa to network, interact and make the necessary contacts and offer their services in the fast growing fashion industry.


A large part of the local talent on our continent have received less or no representation due to the lack of popular media coverage. This ranges from our talented Models, Fashion & Urban clothes designers, Make-up artists, Hairstylists, Photographers, Model agencies and more who have been contributing tremendously to the fashion industry but have no central meeting point to network with the rest of their counterparts scattered across the globe.

Therefore,this is a network that seeks to bring together all Ghanaian and African fashion professionals as well as aspiring professionals from all over the world to come together to exhibit what they have to the growing fashionista base in Africa who are rather thirsty for more of what Ghanaians and Africans, have to offer as far as fashion is concerned.The network will also allow all who want to contribute to the growth of vibrant fashion industry in Ghana, to support up and coming professionals to showcase their unique skills and talent to the rest of the world.

This group intends to keep you updated on the latest news, events, trends all other subjects related one way or the other to fashion in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Members are also allowed to feed the group with information concerning anything else on fashion in and outside Africa, we have not yet covered.

More Exposure to world of fashion in and outside Africa
More Fashion Shows and other similar events
More Jobs for Model Agencies and Photographers
More Subscription and Sale of Fashion Magazines equals....
More paid features & gigs (photographers, models, make-up artists, etc)
More mainstream representation and acknowledgment
More to learn about the fashion industry
Less dependence on Mainstream
Less deformation of character
Less misrepresentation of Models


'Invite all Ghanaians,Africans and even Non-Africans to join Ghana's Biggest Fashion Network and meet the very best in Fashion Designers, Models, Model Agencies, Fashion Magazine Editors, Photographers and more giving the world the best of what they have to offer.

So start clicking away and lets get this party started.