Thank you for joining our rapidly expanding group of beautiful, dedicated, compassionate animal advocates who are seriously committed to "being the change they want too see in the world," welcome!!! Our goals are realistic and within reach! If you love animals, have a genuine concern for their rights and well being and you abhor vivsection, this group is for you! I am not an expert on the atrocities happening at UV, but I do know it is time to replace the cats with modern, technologically advanced human models...as are used in 95% of US med schools. That is our mission here and hopefully yours as well. I am doing my best here, please help our cause by researching intubation, alternatives to animals' use in education, the University of Virginia and its dealings with animals and vivisection practices, the UV administration, etc., etc., etc. Please each of you do some research and share your findings with the group. We need to have our facts correct and be irreproachable if we are to have a winning argument and the cats are to be saved! Thank you all. In unity ♥
Please note: Keeping the group focused in unity is key. Please, respect our purpose and the mission that is the sole reason for the creation of this group, lives are at stake and we take this very seriously. Do not post anything but that which is directly related to our very specific subject matter and our shared goal: to rescue the cats of UV and see to it that they are forever replaced with far superior, purpose-built, anatomically correct neonatal simulators. Such prohibited posts will be marked as spam and deleted immediately and repeated prohibited posting will be cause for removal/blocked from this group.