Fiesta ST Owners South Africa

Welcome to the Fiesta ST Owners South Africa Group.

This group is open to Fiesta ST Owners inside and outside of South Africa, but is managed by the South African owners.

Please share photos of your car and take part in discussions concerning experiences, new products and/or ideas that might interest you.

Also note that the discussions are merely the opinion of each member taking part and should not result in a personal attack against each other. (Should you not abide by these rules, you will be taken off the group)

We do also host/organize/promote events that have a direct link to our cars, so do keep an eye out for such events as you do not want to miss out. Please contact an administrator should you wish to promote an event.

The group is open to new product launches that are specifically meant for our cars and should you want to promote a product, please first speak to one of the administrators of the group.

We do also take part and welcome "group buys" on products for our cars either in the international or local market. Please contact one of the administrators should you wish to promote/conduct a group buy.

This group is not open to the promotion of any sales/products that do not have a direct link to our cars.

We also do not condone the sale of your/a car on this group as this is not a second hand online dealership. Should you wish to promote such a sale, please contact one of the administrators.

Enjoy your stay and we hope meeting you soon!