Fellow Sierra Leoneans I write with dismay, following some allegations or information received this morning from Freetown. As we all know, this Ebola virus is almost getting out of control and if the necessary precautions are not taken to prevent it. Since the outbreak of this plague called Ebola virus, we have all been watching videos, reading articles on this terrible virus and thinking of our loved ones back home in Sierra Leone.
There is no doubt that the failure of the government in containing this virus is either by negligence, ignorance or whatever!! About 9 years ago, this same Ebola virus appeared in Congo (Zaire), a country 10 times the size of Sierra Leone, but was contained by immediate combined actions of the local doctors, who worked hand -in-hand with medical teams from the international community and contained this virus that eventually disappeared, saving the lives of innocent citizens.
This morning, I learnt that a laboratory technician at the government hospital in Kenema was now helping the police in their investigation after he was accused of manipulating results of suspected Ebola cases, according to the police media officer at the Kenema police station. It was confirmed the police had arrested one Musa Bangura of No.9 Saffa Street in Kenema for soliciting and obtaining money illegally. How can we think of making money over such a deadly virus like Ebola?
I carefully listened to the speech made by his Excellency the Earnest Koroma in this link below:

From what the president said, a special account has been put in place to receive financial aids from the WHO and other the international donors. This money is meant to be used for preventing the spread of this deadly virus by procuring antiseptics etc. to prevent the spread of the virus and other medical equipment to treat and save lives of our fellow countrymen and women.
The sad and pathetic news I got on the telephone from Freetown this morning is that there are already disputes between cabinet ministers and other government authorities to steal this money and put in there private accounts.
I want to make it clear to the so-called authorities and politicians; if you people squander funds sent to prevent Ebola, there is a strong possibility that you or your children will not enjoy that money, but die of Ebola and leaving that money in your foreign accounts as profit to the banks.
Fellow citizens of the Diaspora and honest Sierra Leoneans back home, I am creating this group that is intended to keep an eye on the government’s activities relating to this Ebola virus and ensure that funds received to prevent this virus is used to cut down on the wide spread of this virus. Come one and all and help give us information on what is going on.