Fiji Indian Rights Movement

Fiji Indian Rights Movement is a non-violent human rights watch that aims to provide awareness on the difficulties faced by Fiji Indians and Chinese.


1) Highlight the past and ongoing injustice faced the Fiji Indians and Chinese regarding land tenure and eviction, squatter settlements, and scholarships.

2) Promote multiculturalism and create a loving Fiji. Engage in activities that promote religious tolerance and freedom of expression for Fiji.

3) Archive the experiences faced by Fiji Indians and Chinese during land eviction and coups. Collect and create online books of poems, photography, essays and stories that link the experiences of the minority groups.

The Fiji Indian and Chinese community have been victims in Fiji as they faced land eviction and coups. Fiji Indians have been treated as slaves by the British during the Indentured Labour System. The Fiji-Indians were the main victims in the riots of the 1987 and 2000 coups.

The Fiji Indians were brought to Fiji to work on the sugarcane farms that developed the economy of the nation. The foundations of the towns and cities mark the blood and toil of the Girmit laborers who went through a difficult time. Fiji Indians did not occupy Fiji by force; unlike the early European settlers in America, Australia and New Zealand, who massacred the indigenous of these countries.

The 2000 coup supporters were raising their voice, and asking for so-called "Indigenous Rights" where the Indigenous owned about ninety-two percent of land in Fiji . In 1987 Rabuka, unlawfully took siege of the government. What preceded was the violence of the coups; the frightening noise of the stones tumbling on the iron roof, the burning houses, the torture on the Indians either by military (Rabuka Coup) or the supporters in the Speight Coup, the broken up shops and the restless streets.


The opinions expressed by individuals in this forum does not reflect the stand by the Fiji Indian community or by any of the admins. The comments are solely opinions of the people who have expressed it under the platform that this group has given.