FILIPOS (Filipino Photographers in South Korea)

FILIPOS is a pioneering Filipino photography club in South Korea. Membership is open to all Filipinos in South Korea .

Filipino Photographers in South Korea (FILIPOS) is an organization of Filipino photography enthusiasts in the Republic of Korea.

Mission statement

"Share our inspirations & skills in all aspects of photography in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun with Filipino communities in South Korea"

The purpose of FILIPOS is to educate, encourage, and expand knowledge and capabilities in photography of its members, through participation and education regardless of the presence or absence of skills, by:

a) furnishing a meeting place where its members and interested parties of related nature may associate
b) presenting lectures, courses of study, and demonstration of techniques
c) providing information for member participation in exhibitions and contests
d) sponsoring activities which further the purpose of the organization such as exhibitions, photowalks, etc
e) publication and printing of photobooks, photonews, etc.

FILIPOS is guided by a framework for which it functions as an empowered and recognized group by the communities it aims to serve in particular Filipino communities. As such, the the organization endeavors to:

a) Practice of photography
b) Promotion of learning activities and sharing of photography knowledge and experience
c) Promotion of Filipino values and cultures through photography, simultaneous to its promotion of other cultures to the Philippines
d) Promotion of social awareness
e) Continuous recruitment of volunteers for organization activities
f) Expansion and establishment of local and international chapters

Founded - June 20, 2010

Registered at PH Embassy, Seoul - October 11, 2010

(Reg. No. OFW-Korea-2010-049)