Film and Television Falmouth 2014/17

The group is for anyone on the course or interested in the course to chat to each other and the Student Mentors. Student Mentors are 2nd year students on this course who have volunteered to support new students in their 1st year.

Please bear in mind that this group, like all official Falmouth Mentor groups, is monitored by the Student Mentors and staff from the Mentor Scheme and may also be accessed by academic staff and other staff from Falmouth University. Feedback about the course for Student Reps should not be posted on this group. Please avoid posting anything that may be perceived as offensive or you may have your post deleted and in extreme cases you may be removed from the group. This is so that the groups can be used freely by all and in the spirit of the Mentor Scheme- inclusive, supportive and friendly.

For current students at Falmouth University you should note that as a student of Falmouth University your actions on the group remain subject to the regulations and policies of the University.

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