Scholarships all over the world

The group gives information about latest SCHOLARSHIP schemes all... over the world. Your are welcome to post your questions and invite your friends who are in need of scholarship.

Most of our services are FREE of charge yet in some cases a service fee can be imposed. The minimum scholarship we offer is 20% and up to FULL scholarships are also available.

In the following countries we offer Bachelor's, Master's, PhD degree as well as English courses, Professional Executive courses, short summer courses.

Covered countries:
1. USA
2. Canada
3. Great Britain
4. South Korea
5. Cyprus
6. Japan
7. Switzerland
8. Malta
9. Ireland
10. Singapore
11. Malaysia
12. Spain
13. Germany
14. Poland
15. Holland
16. Australia
17. Czech Republic
18. China
19. India
20. New Zealand
21. Finland
22. Austria and other countries

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