Flinders University Wilderness Collective (FUWC)

The Flinders University Wilderness Collective (FUWC) started from some students interested in nature organising some trips in the outdoors. And we are still exactly that. From bushwalking the Flinders Ranges to snorkelling in the Port Noarlunga reef we are simply keen to challenge ourselves in the wild and natural places.

We invite you to come along to any of our events, either official or just casual trips, and join our community of people who come from a range of experiences and share some amazing stories and ideas, as well as having fun and learning new skills and places.

There is no joining fee for our group, you go onto a membership list and we email you updates on our trips. If you'd like to be a part of it, you can register online where you'll find all the information you need to know about getting involved. The only costs are associated with the trips such as gear hire, camping permits, fuel contributions, etc.

We run trips for beginner experiences all the way through to some people of a large experience and also will cater for under 18s every now and then. We appreciate and celebrate the diversities of cultures, affiliations, experiences and interests within the collective and operate under a consensus decision-making process as a Leadership Team.

Anyone can put forward ideas or trips that they want to run or see happening and we encourage members to self-organise their own trips and utilise our membership base to promote them. Our aim to help form a community of self-reliant and passionate nature lovers who have a lifelong pursuit of getting outdoors and challenging themselves.

Anyone is welcome and please take the opportunity to get involved on - and off - campus and learn something, and someone new!

More info or to sign up for email contact please email: flinderswilderness@gmail.com