Flinders University Student Paramedics Australasia

FUSPA is the South Australian chapter of Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA).

Members of FUSPA receive a range of benefits, some of which include: access to FUSPA and PA professional development events, conferences and social events. Members also receive quarterly Response magazines, discounts on textbooks and medical items.

FUSPA reserves an aim to provide its members with activities and events outside of the University curriculum. Examples of these events in the past year have included: Operational Scene Safety (directed by SAPOL), Mass Casualty Incident Scenarios, Road Crash Rescue extraction scenarios (directed by CFS), visits to the MedStar base, sessions on Barotrauma and clinical camps at Woodhouse. These events are often assisted in resource and personnel by Flinders Uni and SAAS.

The 2014 FUSPA committee comprises of
Co-Presidents: Christopher Wong & Georgia Morris
Secretary: James Burgess
Treasurer: Holly Heyneman & Wilson Tran
Social Representatives: Mark Kamleh & Kim Choung
Media Representative: Sam Andrewartha
Resources Representative: Patrick Stobie
ParaFit Representative: Michael Robb

For further information on Paramedics Australasia and Student Paramedics Australasia, please follow the below links.

FUSPA members, as recognised members of PA, are granted access to the E-Learning Website! This is well worth checking out!
Log-in details are the first letter of your firstname, followed by your surname e.g TJones
There is a "forgotten your password?" option if you need to have your password reset

PA - http://www.paramedics.org.au/

(E-learning available here: http://www.paramediclearning.org/moodle/login/index.php )

SPA - http://www.studentparamedic.org.au/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/FUSPA1

FUSPA - www.Fuspa.org.au


PLEASE NOTE; FUSPA, as a subsidiary of Student Paramedics Australaia, runs independent of the Flinders University and members should be aware that FLO still remains the official site regarding the University or SAAS-related announcements. Please check FLO regularly.