Friendsof Bill W -FOB the Group

This is an Open Room so keep that in mind when posting!
This site is in NO WAY related to Alcoholics Anonymous not is it endorsed by them.
We are "Friends" of Bill and Bob in that we either have a common problem or follow recovery by the 12 steps and a Higher Power in it's many forms.

We are NOT a MEETING. We do not follow the traditions in that we are not a AA group nor a meeting and nor do we have any rules here that, AA Meetings are held to, because we not trying to be a meeting or an approved group. We want to have fun while supporting each other our in the open and view of the world.

We are a hangout for people. We support, inspire and motivate as well ask for those things from each other.

This group is like every other group on Facebook and does not have group conscience but has admins who do the daily WORK of keeping it up and running and also make the decisions on any problems that arise.

Spam is not tolerated. Also and more important being a jerk to others by making negative posts is not tolerated and will result in the account being removed and the user banned.

Lets make this a fun and support filled place. Let the other "official" sites be the rule, aa police driven sights and lets us stay sober Just for today and have some fun doing it.