FOCAS - Photowalks and Photo-sharing

Dear Friends of FOCAS we welcome you to this group of like minde...d people interested in photography and 'only photography'!
People interested in activities of FOCAS are requested to please register here to get regular updates for all photo-walks, photo-trips and other activities of our group.

We will also be encouraging members to post 1 photograph per day in the daily albums posted everyday by the admins and on the basis of that we will be announcing a 'Photo of the Week' which will be highlighted as our group timeline picture for the whole week so instead of tagging FOCAS in your pictures please post your picture on this group in the daily album.

We will also be having a 'Critic Review' folder in which you can post your image to get people's opinion on your picture (Please understand that comments like 'wow' and 'amazing' and 'Super' are not allowed on any image posted in this album and such comments will be removed by the admins). Members are requested to give their un-biased opinion on the photographs posted in the album but, no words of hate or personal comments and no targetting anyone. We will also be monitoring the comments posted and we might intervene as admins. Please understand that comments posted by members are their personal opinions and not the opinion of the admins.

We are a group of people who are interested in Photography only......any person becoming a member here and promoting any other activity or discussing anything other than photography will be strictly not allowed and such person will be removed from the group after 2 warnings from the admins.

Please post your original work and not someone else's photograph here, we respect copyrights and expect our members to be responsible too. If however, you have to share someone else's work please be courteous enough to mention the artist's name and your reason of sharing the person's work.