Football League One

Welcome to Football League One.

This League one group is all ab...out having a sensible conversation about your club.


All tin pot posts will be deleted.

Spamming - Ban.

Pornographic and racist material of any discription - Ban.

Any threatening behaviour to any member could lead to a ban.

Blocking an admin - Ban

No copying anyone's profile picture of another member on to this group - Ban.

Using the word "Mong' is not to be used in this group - Ban.

To clarify can share you're club football group but not any other league 1,2 and championship group, as it will be deleted and the member will be banned, any other spamming will be deleted and the member will be banned.

If you want to report a problem about a member or post please contact an admin below or hit the report button. An admin will act accordingly.

Paul Sampson
Warren Lightfoot
James Comerford
Andy London
Laura Louisee Parkin
Dawn Talbot
Freddy Harper-davis
Mike Smith
Chris Chippy Maiden
Dylan Pichlmayer-Coolahan

Steve Gosling - Moderater

Join in on the prediction league on this group run by Steve Gosling

Please add all your football friends from your friends list to the group.

Play nicely.

Enjoy the group.

Group opened 16/03/16