Free Baby/Children Items Jacksonville Florida

This group is for the Jacksonville Florida area only!

This is a... DRAMA FREE ZONE. You will get ONE warning before being removed from the group. Name calling, personal attacks, etc will not be tolerated.

This is also a first come first serve group. You can't just pick someone from your comment to give the items. Everyone here is in need so it's based off first come first serve.

Most items are to be free - trading is encouraged, but not required. If you try to sell things you will be given one warning. If you continue posting items for sale, you will be removed from the group.
If you are found to be reselling items you were given for free on this site, you will be removed immediately, no warnings or second chances.

If you have a valid issue or complaint with/about another person in this group, either bring it directly to an admin or deal with that person one on one in a private manner (ie PM rather than public posts).

Please be respectful of each other - this group is for helping other parents. Remember that everyone has different opinions. Sharing opinions is great, as long as no one is attacked for believing differently or made to feel like what they believe is wrong. Attacking someone's opinion will result in you being removed from the group.

This is most of a pay it forward place! Please trade or give away. ! Thanks