Ford Falcon Coupe XA-XC Enthusiasts

This group is for anyone that owns or loves Australian XA - XC Falcon Coupes. The original Hardtops. Feel free to also discuss Landau's. Although they are a breed of their own, I still classify them in the same era and range of hardtops as the XA-XC

XA - (1972 - 1973) XB - (1973 - 1976) XC - (1976 - 1979)

Be it GS, GT, Show Car or Daily driver. This is the place to discuss your love of these beasts!

Feel free to post any Pics, Videos, You Tube links, questions about coupes, old magazine articles or any Coupes you know of For Sale or ask the group if you're looking to buy one and dont know where to start.

Any posts relating to anything other that Coupes/hardtops will be removed. Let's keep this group for what it was created for....COUPES!