Ford Puma Owners Group

Welcome to the Ford Puma Owners Group. This group is for anyone who has a Ford Puma who wants to discuss, take photos and generally discuss anything Puma related.

We as a group are not affiliated with either of the Puma forums, 'Puma People' and 'Project Puma'. As well as the, 'RPOC' (Racing Puma Owners Club). But we are all friends and each place has there place.

Please be friendly to each other, we are all in the group because we all share something in common… Our beloved Ford Pumas.

This group is a sister group to the Ford Racing Puma Owners Group, this can be found here >

Anyone is welcome to list unwanted parts and Puma items for sale, however please follow these simple rules to unsure a safe selling environment is maintained.

1) Please include a photo of each item which is for sale, any posts offering items for sale without a photo will be deleted.

2) Please include a price for the items collected as well as a price for the items delivered. Any posts offering items for sale without a price will be deleted.

3) Please include your location in your post when posting items for sale.

4) No selling on behalf of friends or companies which would profiteer from the group.

Note, unwontedly negative, or off-topic comments will be removed without warning.

One final thing; any company, organisation or non private individual wising to advertise and sell will need to pay £10 per 6 months they would like to advertise. Please message the group admin for assistance and details on how to pay.