Foreigners and Finns in Finland - Open Discussion Group

No holds barred discussion group for anyone and everyone wanting to discuss topics in an open way. We remove anything that is not related to a discussion. You can say WHATEVER you want in the discussion, and it will not be deleted (unless of course, it meets something on this list).

What do we consider not applicable? Anything that is not a discussion topic. Primary culprits being:
*Items for sale (Rayban sunglasses, web services, etc.) Anything for sale
*Surveys ("take this survey for my thesis" etc.)
*Cross promotion ("like this page" "check out my page, my friends page", etc.)
*Events, happenings, gatherings etc.
*Friend gatherers ("Add me" "be my friend" "hi")
*Picture/video with no purpose or discussion (9gag photos, etc.) These DO not encourage discussion!
*Asking for an answer to a non-discussion question ("where can I get my tyres changed" "where to go for money loans" etc.)

There may be more added as the list needs to be defined occasionally.

There are other places to find/place/ask these things.

This is not up for debate. This is the one rule, DO NOT POST ANY OF THESE THINGS UNRELATED TO DISCUSSION. Users posting any of these will have their post deleted. Continued posting will result in banning from the group.

If you decide to argue with the admins about why "your 9gag photo with no explanation whatsoever-may-be-possibly-be a launching point for a discussion", please feel free to discuss that on your homepage, this is not the place for it.

It would be WONDERFUL if the discussions were related to Finland, as this is a Foreigners and Finnish discussion group...but, we won't force that one. ;)

Anyone having a complaint against a member in the group, please take it up with Facebook, block that person, or seek police intervention if necessary. The admins of this group do not hold any responsibility for members or their actions per Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230).