For New Intellectuals

This Objectivist Group is the place where like minded friends hold discussion on books, art, politics & different schools of philosophy. The name of the Group comes from a book - "For the New Intellectual - The Philosophy of Ayn Rand".

"For the New Intellectual - The Philosophy of Ayn Rand" is the key to understanding Ayn Rand’s unconventional philosophy. In the book’s title essay, she presents an analysis of all that is wrong in the popularly accepted sense of an intellectual. She discusses the causes that lead to intellectual bankruptcy and decline of a civilisation. She says that the road to intellectual renaissance can only be built by the new Intellectuals.

“Who are to be the New Intellectuals? Any man or woman who is willing to think. All those who know that man’s life must be guided by reason, those who value their own life and are not willing to surrender it to the cult of despair in the modern jungle of cynical impotence, just as they are not willing to surrender the world to the Dark Ages and the rule of the brutes,” Ayn Rand in For the New Intellectual.