For Sale Or Wanted In Setx

This site is for everyone who is looking to buy/sell or trade it...ems. Please remove your items once they are sold. Post your asking price we do not do bidding in here.

If you own or work at a car dealership please do not post your whole lot of cars you have. If you're an individual trying to sell a car, that's fine. We will remove all posts from dealerships.

As of now we will be removing all posts where people are asking for help. To many people are being taken advantage of and scammed & we have no way of verifying if the people asking are actually in need. There are specific groups designed to help those in need, SETX Community Outreach is one of them.

Please do not post any Plexus Slim, Scentsy, Avon, etc. Your ad will be removed. No MLM posts!

Make an album if you have several items for sale. If you're unable to make an album, you can list your items and post the pics in the comments. If you choose not to do either your post will be removed. It isn't fair to the rest of the members if your items are taking up several pages. It doesn't give them the chance to have their items on top.

If you have any questions or problems please contact one of the Admins. (Jana Roy, Alicia Roy, Ricky Roy, Megan Bradford, Shannon Howell or Madeleine Cloud)

Remember this site is for used items, if you want new then you're probably not going to get it here.

Buyers- Please remember to ask all questions prior to having a person meet. Don't waste anyone's time.

It is common courtesy to go in order of comments when selling. Sometimes people are not on right away to answer your questions, so please state if you're going to move on if no response is made in however long you are going to wait. Don't try to jump ahead of someone by "cash in hand" or "I will pay more then you're asking"... Admins are not on here 24-7 and should not have to babysit the group so please follow the rules.Thanks