Fort Bliss Sales and Home Businesses

This is a page where people can post businesses and things they are selling each day. I do ask that there is no undercutting of people and that you only sell products that are in good working condition. I think that besides that there are little rules. Happy selling :)

Please note that we HAPPILY allow everyone to advertise his or her businesses on this page. Please be aware that the only business not allowed is the selling of Dogs and puppies. While rehoming is okay as long as it covers the rules set by El Paso or if a person has a license with El Paso as a breeder and can prove it. Other than that, please do not try to put dog breeders and shops on this page. If it is seen the person who posted will be deleted and banned permanently.
Please be respectful of the page and only post once. If you would like to bump your business please do so only once a day and please if posting about schools only one period per person. It is clogging up the page.

Please note: No longer allowing MYCAA posts. It has gotten out of control on the page. I am deleting them and if posted again will be banned from the page. Also, no money trains, please legit local businesses only.
This page will no longer allow online businesses such as click here and make money just by visiting Facebook it is clogging up the page!

Only bump item once a day. Anymore than that and the item will be deleted after more than once the item will be deleted and you will be removed from list.

Do not report items such as baked goods. They are allowed. ONLY report items that are not allowed. Thank you.

Post prices please! If no price post will be deleted!