Ft. Polk/Leesville/DeRidder FREE/BUY/SELL/SWAP OR TRADE

PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN: This group is a COMMUNITY RESOURCE GROUP for the FT. POLK/LEESVILLE/DERIDDER, LA AREA. If ADMINS cannot tell from your timeline that you live in this area, you will not be approved by admin. Members, please DO NOT add people who do not live in this area. DO NOT BUMP YOUR POST MORE THAN ONCE A DAY> IF YOU DO< IT


You can buy, sell, swap, trade, or give away anything, as long as it is LEGAL & NOT an ADULT-ORIENTED item or service for sale or rent (lol.)
Referral programs such as Zip Nada Zilch, Instant Rewards Network, Instant Rewards.net, etc. are not allowed.
This is a family friendly group! We will not tolerate offensive language or adult type posts of any kind.
Posting format:
ISO (in search of) LOCATION
Please be as specific if you can about what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for the good or service.
Please set your price and include your location and whether or not you are willing to ship.
$__ OBO (or best offer) LOCATION
If you make a "best offer" post without an asking price, please give a deadline for offers and answer any questions or offers that people have. We discourage this type of listing, we are not an auction site. IF you have a bad experience with this type, it is noted here that you participate at your own risk!

Puppies and kittens must be a MINIMUM of 6 weeks old to be posted.

If you are giving something away, keep in mind, when you relinquish control of it to the new owner, they OWN it! They can do with it whatever they see fit. Please do not FLAME them on here because you do not agree with their disposition of something you gave them.

PUT MULTIPLE ITEMS IN AN ALBUM, located here in the photo section. This will make easy access and not take up so much space on the feed. Keep in mind you can put details with each picture caption and it will make your post much easier to find.

Your post can be a good story, current issues within our region, recipes, church events, post garage sales, moving sales, help wanted, situations wanted, services that you offer, individual items such as cars, trucks, boats, homes, etc. As you can see, the list is endless!

Discussions (not arguments) are welcome here. Anyone found to be provoking an argument or making rude comments will be removed from membership. This group holds no responsibility for the claims of a seller. If you have a problem with an item you bought, please leave that in private communication between you and the seller and keep it off the group page.
You may advertise your small business twice a week.

TAKE NOTE: Comments such as "I can get it cheaper at Walmart," or links posted to similar items in order to dispute a seller's asking price will be deleted! If you don't like a seller's price, just keep scrolling.
Thanks for joining!