Solomon Islands has the culture of being silence, although things seems not right and undeserving we remain quiet and ignorant. This has to be stopped. It is high time we take responsibility of our country by being vocal, assertive and proactive in raising issues affecting our lives to the responsible authorities concern. Apparently we need healing and total restoration in our country and it must come from God through the Wisdom He bestowed upon us. Hence Forum Solomon Islands (International) is created as an avenue where collective views can be raised pertaining to the development of our country. In that manner, FSI calls for responsibility and constructiveness in all our discussions and deliberations in this Forum.

The Association takes pride in promoting proactive advocacy towards change and good leadership. Its vision is to promote a proactive national advocacy and pressure movement in the Solomon Islands.

The aims and objectives of the Association shall include, but without limiting the generality of the objectives, the following:

(a) To create pressure on responsible authorities by means of campaigns, protests, boycotts, making position statements and wide demonstration putting authorities accountable for their actions
(b) To consult and dialogue with relevant bodies on development challenges, representing people’s concerns brokering resolutions based on national interests of the people of SI.
(c) To educate people on their civic rights, hence develop responsibility and sense of ownership and collectively rise putting responsible authorities to be accountable for their actions and deeds
(d) To create a credible and informative forum which based on well research, analytical and factual data’s substantiating FSI as a unique and reputable movement in SI.
(e) To be a responsible movement, being the mouth piece and ‘watchmen on the wall’ for the mass civil society.
(f) To be a proactive stakeholder in policy formulation within the government machineries representing the views of the silent majority