! was an avid Fox News fan for years, almost from their inception. I noticed myself in the past year, and especially in the last 6 months watching them less and less while watching CNN and others more. I don't believe I'm the only one. Once I started catching the bold faced lies, I lost faith in anything they presented. I do not like being lied to and I do not like being manipulated.

CNN is just as bad, maybe not quite as in your face. Lets face it, It really doesn't matter what network it is, they are all owned by the same interest and the idea is to promote the false Left right paradigm. In Florida about 75-80% of voters are over 49 and an extremely high portion is 65+ years old and pretty much get everything they "know" from Fox. It's pathetic they don't take that responsibility more serious. It's pathetic we no longer have a free press outside of the Internet. Older people don't get their news from the internet so every opinion they have is based on lies. Sad!