Free Site Only: Wokingham

Thank you for joining the Free site only: Wokingham. We promote Good karma (Give first & Take later) on this site, Those found to be abusing the free site will be removed, Admin decision is final.

The RULES Please read, Failure to do so will result in removal from the group.

1, To use this site please can you give before you take. (You must be give to receive items)

2, Please state if on Multi-site. If you give your items away on other sites it does not count here.

3, NO PETS, NO SHOW’S, NO RESALE of items, Doing any of these will result in being removed from the group.

4, FROP This is Fair or return offer policy which means you as the poster can select who your items go to, First to comment doesn't mean you win, You can pick the winner or select them at random. Please pop on how long you would like this to run for. Posters decision is final.

5, If someone Has been tagged in a post please be patient and see if they want the item first.

6, Manners are essential on the site, If your post is missing these it will be deleted.

7, You must give in proportion to what you take. If you ask for A sofa/TV and
have only offered a few baby grows ect your comment will be removed.

8. Every Wednesday Is business Day Please post these up (but not at any other time)! X

9, You MUST comment for items, you are not allowed to PM, If you wish to ask for an Item ANON or for a friend please ask Via Admin first

10, Please state Item Location and condition on the post.

**Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban from the site**

Admin Rota/Team - Please Contact the named admin on the day if you have any queries or require help thank you

Monday – Kirsty Moors (Owner)
Tuesday – Sara Bosanko & Alison Brown.
Wednesday – Alison Brown & Sarah Clow
Thursday – Claire Mcintosh & Vicky Kollnberger
Friday – Helen Cassells Paternoster & Kirsty Moors
~Weekend – All Admins

**Enjoy the site**