Freecycle Barbados


Don't want it anymore? Maybe someone else will! Post it here.
Freecycle Barbados is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their area. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

Remember to maintain the spirit of the group, we are all about giving and keeping good items out of the landfill. Receiving will happen no doubt but let us remember that we are about community.


Please follow the below rules:
1. Be considerate of others and allow the 'wealth ' to be SHARED we want EVERYONE to benefit.
2. Be respectful to others in the the group at all times
3. Posts must clearly indicate if you desire to trade or simply give the item.
4. When making requests TRY to offer something in trade where ever possible.
5. Groups, schools and other organisations desirous of requesting items in the group MUST first ask the permission of Admin before doing so.
6. Absolutely NO advertising of items or services for sale is allowed. Also services are not allowed to be traded for items in Freecycle Barbados. Mentioning a service for free of for trade is a form of advertising and is strictly prohibited here in Freecycle Barbados.
7. Where ever possible post photos of items you are seeking to give or trade.
8. Photos of items MUST be posted in an Album, even if it is only one image .(you can give albums names e.g. Household goodies available.)
9. You MUST give items you post a brief description.
10. Should your item posted have a flaw (e.g. lights not working, stained, broken , wobbles etc.) you MUST indicate this in your description so that interested parties are aware of what they will be receiving.
11. Place the "This item has found a new home" image in the comments section of your post to indicate that your Freecycle is complete.
12. Persons who violate these rules or are seeming to abuse the group will be contacted by admin.
These rules are simply to help us keep this movement going with some structure and may change as time goes on. If you refuse to obey the rules you will be warned and you and your items deleted from the group.