Freecycle - Reading Berkshire


This group is for free unwanted items to be listed, or for people to ask for items they need that someone is giving away for free.

Use your own discretion and personal safety common sense when arranging to meet someone for delivery/collection. Therefore, please do not publish phone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses on here. Please use the PM system for contacting people.

Please remove your posts and images once no longer required, and no "bumping" more than once every 48 hours please.

If you are let down by someone, either failing to turn up, or other problems, report them to an admin. Repeat offenders will be banned.

The following listings are not accepted, will be removed without notice, and you will probably be banned from the group:

Commercial or other requests asking for money, or offering to give quotes, discounts, or prices, other than mileage for delivery for the free items; services of any kind; pets/animals; work from home or other self-employment services; copyright infringed or "adult" products or services.

We also do not allow advertising of events or other groups or pages. We are simply here for people to post their unwanted items or requests, otherwise the page gets overloaded with irrelevant information.

Thank you,
The admin team.