Freecycle: Temple / Belton / Killeen TX

The Temple / Belton / Killeen Freecycle Network is an environmental movement where you can give away things no longer needed in an effort to keep unwanted items out of landfills & dumps. Be kind, Be helpful, and contribute!

Please learn the rules of posting before actually posting


1) There are two types of posts, OFFER, or Administrative posts:

OFFER: Begin you posts with "OFFER" and make a concise list of items offered, with a photo, your area and pickup information.

Please mark your post as TAKEN when the offer item is taken: The poster of the item should edit the original post with "TAKEN" at the start of the description. AND/OR The receiver can list the item(s) as TAKEN in the comments. It is not necessary to start a new taken post.

2) WANTED / ISO posts will only be allowed in the WANTED / ISO *comments section* made by the admin. Please use the *comments section* to post your requests. Please PM your response to the WANTED/ISO owner.

Begin you posts with "WANTED" or "ISO" and make a concise list of items needed. IMPORTANT: Wanted or ISO posts will ONLY be considered / allowed if you have first made an offer to the group.

Again, ISO comments in the *comments sections* of the main ISO post by the admin. Any new wanted or ISO posts made by users will be deleted.

A NEW ISO thread will be created each month in an effort to keep the ISO thread uncluttered.

PLEASE NOTE that any posts not in the proper areas will be DELETED!!!

3) All items posted assumed to be free for gifting.

4) Keep it FREE (no trading or selling -- keep it LEGAL -- keep it APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES!

5) Always be respectful to fellow members. No harsh language or profanity.

6) Users that fail to follow the group rules will be banned at administrator's discretion.

7) No thread "bumping". Bumped comments and threads will be deleted.

8) Repeat listings of posts will result in a deletion and a ban.

9) Requesting assistance for food, money, gift cards or the like will be deleted.

10) Requesting items with "good" condition, or "smoke free", etc will be removed.

11) No delivery requests - people are offering the good out of their own free will and should not be requested to deliver.

12) All requests and offers for pets must be directed elsewhere.

Posts offering or requesting drugs, alcohol, medication, animals or pets and any posts not in accordance with the law will be removed.

13) Ads - Posting of other advertisements, outside offers or references to other websites with the intent to advertise for sales will be deleted and the user banned.

14) Reporting posts - Those who report posts, help others, be a guide and help keep this group tidy will be considered pillars of our Freecycle community.

15) Multiple offenses - Those who repeatedly break the rules will be banned.