Free Psychic Abilities Development

This group was designed to assist you in activating your abilities. For those that are self motivators, these insights will add to your journey, for those just starting, Welcome, this is your new birth-day!

We welcome conversations and information to be exchanged by the members of this group but ask that you be respectful in your responses and encouraging in your words, showing compassion for everyone's views and perspectives.

While this is an open group, we have it set as a Closed group (but you can still invite your friends, or add them and we will approve them) we will not tolerate any rude, violent or subjective behaviors reflecting any prejudices or spamming, towards any members of this group or affiliates of HSI and the pages sponsored by HSI no other advertisements will be allowed, they will be deleted.

This group is sponsored by Higher Source International (HSI ) and will post links to some of the courses and workshops provided by HSI, however; no other ads or promotional pic with links to any other source will be permitted.
We are supported by professional readers and tutors, that wish to share their knowledge in hopes you find yours.

We are providing information needed to assist you in your journey of self empowerment.

Here is a list of the reading Rooms Sponsored by HSI LLC
These groups are used for our students and grads to complete their training. Thank You all for being respectful and for leaving feedback and thanking the readers for their time.

If you would like an Mediumship Reading, come join this closed HSI Mediumship reading room,

If you would like to get a psychic or an aura reading, come join this closed HSI Aura/PAD reading group,

If you would like to join Aleas Dream Interpretation group,

Thank You for stepping into your knowing!
We appreciate that you are here with us ♥