Friday Night Progressive (FNP) plays the best progressive music by independent artists that you can possibly imagine. With a constantly growing roster of participating artists – hundreds in current rotation – FNP starts every Friday night at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (and typically lasts for two solid hours of mind-blowing music!) Tune in at: With chat room!

FNP plays only the best in progressively-oriented music, leaning more towards more complex musical compositions and the virtuosic end of the performance spectrum. The FNP playlist does not include loop-based music and generally avoids songs with an overtly pop-music structure. Progressive music is, at its heart, music for the sake of art; any commercial considerations in its presentation are incidental and subordinate to concerns of artistic integrity.

As a social experience, every week FNP generates a facebook SHARE POSTER outlining that week’s lineup for the upcoming Friday. The artists of the FNP community help promote the show among their friends and fans in turn by actively posting the links and commenting upon their FNP experiences on their fan and profile pages. This creates an environment that allows the FNP community to grow exponentially; their friends and fans become your friends and fans even as yours also become theirs.

The Friday Night Progressive
"INDEPROG AWARD" A testament of good will and a gesture in recognition of accomplishment above and beyond the realm of excellence.

To get your material heard on FNP:
Contact show host
All tracks should be wave files
Albums are prefered
A short bio and picture

Please keep the notifications "ON" for this group.

Podcasts are the FNP past shows stored on:

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Artists Pictures and more can be found at:

If you are interested in joining the FNP Internet Radio Community then please find us on facebook at:

“Any artist has the right to decline the podcast service. Please let FNP know and within 24 hours your section will be removed from the show.”

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