Ford Ranger Owner's Club - Borneo Region

A site for all owners of the ford ranger staying in the Borneo region, a place to obtain and exchange information and find help on all things Ranger, and to pass on details of off roading, green laning and other events where the Ranger can be used to its limits, discuss your mods and how to's and pass on info of any known recalls and safety info.

Please respect that certain boundaries should not be crossed. Be mindful, that, though our members are mostly Malaysian, we do have honourary members from other nations. Frame your thoughts before posting something that could hurt or insult our friends. Something that is funny to you can be a sensitive issue for some, this includes sexuality, language, food, relationships, etc.... PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR POST.

ALSO, if you wished to sell anything, you need to PUBLISH the item's pricing.. Failure to comply will result in your posting being REMOVED.. Post items for sale without pricing often enough, YOU will be removed. WE HAVE REMOVED A FEW ALREADY. Worst case, put in an indicative price if you really cannot reveal the final price. Thank you for understanding.